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Affordable Wellness


How does it work?

What You Get

30 days Limitless You Programme (worth £450)

Weekly 1:1s in person or online

Online programme


Based on annual income, it's a sliding scale:

£0-10k: Free

£10k-15k: £40

£15k - 20k: £50

£20k - 25.5k: £60


The application form is below. 

All you need to do is answer the questions by 31st December 2022!

As the cost of living is rising, investing in our own wellness becomes more tricky.

To keep wellness available to all, in January 2023 I will be offering one person, on no or low income a free or reduced cost Limitless You Programme for 30 days.

Your 30 day programme will include weekly 1:1s (Yoga, Pilates, Fitness) in my North London studio or online and an online programme for 30 days.

Check out more details below!

Application Form

Good luck!

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