"Everyone benefits from a healthier workforce: employees, who will enjoy better health and be less likely to be off sick; employers, who will reap the benefits of increased productivity; and the NHS, which will have less poor health to deal with.”


- Duncan Selbie, Public Health England


Mind. Business. Body.

Bespoke monthly plans including habit changing, fitness, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness as well as workshops. Easily accessible via an app and affordable too, with prices starting from £8 per employee per month.*


By investing in your staff you will improve your employee's overall emotional and physical wellbeing, increase productivity and positivity and reduce sick leave and staff turnover.

*Minimum head count required


Rachel has over 10 years of experience working in busy office environments, so understands the importance of a positive, invested workforce.

In addition to her successful business background, Rachel is a qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor who has worked with workforces and individuals. She has a 360• approach to cultivating a more dynamic workplace by helping employees to achieve a more balanced emotional and physical self.

Through combining her experience in offices with her wellbeing training, Rachel will create a tailored monthly plan that encompasses movement and mindset practices designed to help employees cope with stress, find focus and clarity as well as develop creativity and enthusiasm in the workplace.