Online Fitness

"Rachel's videos have been my sanity-saver in a difficult year. I find her whole vibe calming and encouraging, especially when I'm struggling with a stretch or even just struggling, mentally. There's a video for every mood, whether I need a short wakeup stretch before work or a cardio boost in the evening, although I definitely have my favourites! She has been a constant reassuring voice in my house and I'm so grateful she released her videos in the year of multiple lockdowns."
- DC
Fitness is for all bodies, all levels and all purse strings.
I have created fitness videos that are suitable for everyone, no matter the stage of your wellbeing journey. 
From vinyasa flows to sweaty HIITs, active warm-ups to peaceful restorative stretching, I am passionate about creating a space where we can all thrive physically and mentally.
I would love to join you on your wellbeing journey, so start your free trial below and let's go!