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Amelia Saberwal on becoming a coach, banishing the inner saboteur and finding your worth.

“Dig in to who you are, your process because when you follow your guts and your heart, that’s the right way.”

Amelia Saberwal is a leadership and life coach. She focuses on a whole human being, rather than focussing solely on their personal or business life.

Coming from a background in performance, before working in the corporate world, Amelia decided to train as a life coach with the CTI.

Amelia now works with individuals and employees to maximise their personal, professional and presentational impact. She also co-hosts a podcast, Pivot Points Podcast, with Gabriella Miller in which they explore and celebrate change.

This conversation covers:

- Training to become a life coach

- Leaving a stable job to launch your own business

- Acknowledging your Inner Saboteur and then learning how to banish it

- Working with your Inner Leader

- Discovery and defining your self worth

- Finding clients and then charging them "properly"

- Developing a podcast: Pivot Points Podcast

If you want to find Amelia, you can do so here:

Kinesthetica Coaching


Pivot Points Podcast

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