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Anthea Zacharatos on turning a side hustle into a business and developing positive habits.

Anthea Zacharatos is a North London based calligrapher who has successfully turned her side hustle into a business despite a whole host of obstacles in her way. Born in Canada, Anthea moved to London with her partner and children to experience a new life.

After receiving a bone cancer diagnosis, Anthea had to look at life differently. She walked straight into the eye of the storm and developed body and mind techniques to keep herself strong and calm. Now, having been through something life-threatening and terrifying, Anthea actively chooses to not be afraid. She embraces new opportunities, whether good or bad, with bravery and stoicism.

She talks to us about:

- Intentionally deciding to not be afraid

- Committing to your creative side

- Developing your hustle into a full time business

- Building techniques to enhance focus

- How to be mindful about your limitations

- Getting comfortable with saying no

- Coping when life throws difficulty your way

- Listening to your body

- Redefining your priorities

You can find Anthea here:




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