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Charlotte Reynolds on digital marketing, how to use Instagram and leave your 9-5 for good.

Charlotte Reynolds is a digital marketing and social media expert.

She has combined her experience as a yoga teacher with her decade in the advertising industry, working with companies such as Netflix and TFL, to now offering specialised courses for individuals and businesses in the wellness space.

She has worked with studios such as Blok, Kindred Yoga and inspiring wellbeing individuals who are causing amazing waves in the industry.

Charlotte has recently launched a podcast based on her IG live series, How Its Done, called the Digital Yogi podcast, where she interviews wellbeing pros who are at the top of their game.

She offers brilliant courses, such as 'Master the Gram' and 'Over Your Shoulder' which help you to use Instagram and run paid ad campaigns with success.

Our conversation covers everything you need to digital market successfully:

- How to use Instagram with purpose

- Leaving a 9-5 job to set up your own business

- Taking your business online

- The importance of getting your advertising strategy right from the start

- How to find and secure new clients

You can find Charlotte on:




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