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Eithne Bryan on positivity, developing a healthy relationship with social media and all things yoga.

“There is too much pressure on it needing to go right the whole time”

Eithne Bryan is a yoga teacher and an absolute ray of sunshine. She is described by her students as "the most amazing teacher" and "a delightful and positive soul".

In this conversation we discuss everything from staying uplifted and dealing with dark days (big up Mum, who is Eithne's rock!), making positive food choices for yourself, developing a healthy relationship with social media and finding inspiration for Tik Tok and reels. Her social media content is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Eithne is beautifully honest about trying new things, whether that's hard inversions or creating new workshops, and how it is OK to not succeed. She makes it feel FUN to put yourself in new and challenging situations rather than scary.

Eithne also gives her advice for approaching yoga, either as a student or teacher and how newly qualified instructors can put themselves out there for work. She has a fresh and inclusive approach to yoga, which makes her classes truly accessible for all bodies and levels.

You can find Eithne on Instagram or via her website.

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