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Adam Stansbury on coping with chaos, Reiki and meditation and the process of writing a book.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

"Never let a good chaos go to waste" - Adam Stansbury

Adam Stansbury AKA The Plant Powered PT. He guides conscious people to becoming stronger fitter healthier versions of themselves on a plant based diet.

Previously a paleo diet believer and body builder, Adam became plant based in 2014. Having experience both an animal based and plant based diet, he is in a unique position to advise and myth bust a lot of the information we read.

He goes on a journey with his clients, achieving incredible physical results but also helping them to realise a deeper connection between their mind and their body.

His book, Plant Powered, will be released in January 2021 and is perfect for:

- The person who is ready to transition from meat to plants and doesn’t know where to stat

- The vegetarian who is ready to give up dairy and want to know how

- The vegan who want to boost their performance and body composition

- The Fitness enthusiast who is curious about plant based living

This is a far reaching conversation and Adam is so generous with sharing his knowledge and practices, from meditation and Reiki to goal setting, writing a published book and moving his clients online.

You can find Adam on Instagram at @theplantpoweredpt or

Adam shares a selection of his favourite books and podcasts, which you can find below:

Emily Fletcher Stress Less Accomplish More

Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week

Damian Clarkson Vevolution

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