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Jamie Lee Brown on setting goals, dealing with pressure and running a successful side hustle.

"All progress is progress, whether it's long as you are moving forwards" - Jamie Lee Brown

I am hugely honoured that Jamie Lee Brown, who likes to keep out of the limelight, came on to have this chat with me and delighted you all get to know him a little better!

Jamie is a multi-tasking magician. In parallel to his full time job, Jamie also created and single-handedly runs the Instagram account @HelloNorthLondon, which he grew from scratch to over 20,000 followers, supporting local business and highlighting the naturally beautiful areas that North London has to offer.

This conversation is all about creating a successful side hustle and how to manage a busy lifestyle. Jamie has devised brilliant ways of managing and compartmentalising his work, so he is still able to sit back and enjoy a horror film in the evening!

Jamie knows how to set SMART goals and can tell a good idea from a bad idea AND how to then hit those targets. He teaches us to "be ruthless with yourself and cut off an idea once it's not working". His careful strategies mean he rarely makes big mistakes and even if he does, he has developed ways of bouncing back with little problem.

Catch Jamie over on Instagram: @HelloNorthLondon.

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