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Limitless You: JC on Re:Wild with JC, physical and gut health, where you food comes from.

“Stop overthinking it. Stop procrastinating. Think things through but once you’ve had a crack at looking into it, just do it.” - JC

JC is an Australia-based lifestyle transformation specialist who's spent the last 9 years helping actors, models and high-flying professionals achieve the body they want, both in London and around the globe.

Having relocated to Australia with his wife Allira and beautiful baby daughter, and rebranded from Nutri-Train; a health, movement and nutritional company, to Re:Wild with JC; a health, movement and nutritional company with the aim to also help people to re:set and live less-processed, slightly 'wilder' lives - JC is on a mission to change the perspective around what constitutes as a healthy lifestyle. ​

The Re:Wild with JC ethos is that health and beauty aren’t skin-deep. Rather, health is inextricably linked to mental and emotional wellbeing and hormone and gut health are too often overlooked. This is why Re:Wild with JC is built on four pillars: Sleep, Eat, Move, Repeat - to help you re:connect with what nature intended.

He talks to us about:

- Relocating to Australia and immersing himself back into nature

- Physical and gut health

- The body positivity movement

- How to rebrand your business

- What your body really needs

JC offers a variety of services from online 1:1 coaching to consultations for studios and gyms.

Check him out via his links below:

Instagram @rewildwithJC


And me here:

Instagram @rachellepley_


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