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Mark Weinman on growing a startup, embracing rejection and becoming an actor.

Mark Weinman is an actor known for his brilliant performances in Roadkill, I May Destroy You, Press and Sex Ed.

Having taken an 'untraditional route' into acting, via the University of Manchester, Mark has recently launched his own mentorship programme: The Ten Talent. The Ten is designed to showcase and support exceptional undiscovered talent. Every year, The Ten will take on ten young actors from all over the UK and introduce them to the entertainment industry.

In this chat, we discuss how to:

- Stay focussed when your mind is overactive

- Create a start-up

- Embrace and move on from rejection

- Restructure and pivot as you go

- Build a supportive network

- Become an actor!

You can find more on Mark via The Ten's website or Twitter.

You can find me on Instagram: @rachellepley_

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